About Us

During the 1880s the town of Telluride, briefly known as Columbia, quickly blossomed into a small, mining supported community. With the arrival of the Rio Grande Southern Railroad in 1890, more people, supplies, equipment and raw materials were able to move in and out of town with greater ease. With a peak population topping 5,000, Telluride bustled with energy and a need for entertainment.

Telluride was once a rough and tumble town. Saloons and bars soon shot up by the dozen as banks, schools, churches and police departments slowly followed suit. A red light district along East Pacific Avenue was quickly established as masses of men eager for a drink and female company returned to town after weeks of hard labor in the mines.

Today Telluride has mellowed considerably, but there is still a desire for entertaining and libations. Telluride Liquors & Wine Shop has been serving the beverage needs of locals and visitors alike since the 1980s. Being open seven days a week and our convenient location makes it easy to stop by for that après-ski six pack, the perfect bottle of wine for dinner or the makings of your favorite cocktail.
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